About DreamWorlds
by Jano

Although this site wasn't entirely dreamed up by me, I was principally the one who shaped it and gave it it's individual 'user interface' otherwise known as the page design and the forum structure - well the customised part of it anyway... I hesitated to use the word 'visuals' there, because it's an overused and sometimes inaccurate description, although physically correct enough, since we all 'see' the screen, read the words, look at the graphics etc, etc. But how do we 'see'? What interprets input from the screen to the eye to the brain?

Your mind of course!

This site is all about the dreams you dream, some of which others may share and there'll be others which are more personal and secret. DreamWorlds can be whatever you want it to be - private, or in your face, gentle and quiet, or wild and glorious. As a site that is concept-based around Dreams, and Worlds for those Dreams, we have some sections devoted to all kinds of fantasy and fandom roleplay that is textually generated, and others that are chatrooms for socialising or for talking about leisure pursuits. When we talked about a new site, we wanted it to reflect all kinds of activities people get into for mental stimulation, pleasure, exercise or well-being, away from the practical or domestic side of life.
From the outset we craved freedom for our tastes and minds to roam with few restrictions; to strive for a multi-layered place to play and explore the imagination; to find like-minded people who understood and shared our passions and, above all, we wanted to share our own DreamWorlds with others. So yes, we built this place 'big' deliberately.
We wanted it to have as many possibilities as we could define apparent from the outset, and so some parts of the site are still echoey and need filling, but people can come in and start talking as they choose. If you don't have a place there to suggest how it might be used and can grow, then we hope people will, just by having it there, get the hang of things pretty quickly and think - "hey that's my kind of place" and they can open a thread and off they go - and then someone else will see and think - "Oooo! That sounds interesting!" and the thread and the forum can evolve from there - but you started it!

You can make a place to share your own Dream!

In a sense we haven't built anything solid here, despite the framework being so large. It's a concept for everyone to share and to build with us. We're here to enjoy our dreams and our imaginations, to let our minds expand and be happy. We're here to meet people who share our pleasure in reading, going to the movies, playing tennis or football (whichever version floats your boat), or writing novels, fan-fiction, biographies, appreciate or make art of any description, love wild nature, or pets, or gardening, or cooking...
Your Dream World could be all of those things, or completely different and out of this all too real world completely. Maybe you study the Klingon language, or love calligraphy, or are a Knight fighting dragons and saving damsels at weekends. Make a thread and fill it with photographs or links to other websites, write as much as you want and show us your fantasy and invite others to talk to you about your passion if you want to share it - you don't have to, but it is fun if you do!
So come join us and see if your Dreams are on here already - if not, then we'll be delighted if you want to strike out on your own and build your own World to dream in. Then perhaps others will come and wander around your place, feel your visions and maybe get to know you as well.

We only supply the potential web space for any, or all of your Dream Worlds

YOU are the one who can bring your own Dreams to life on here!


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