wallpaper Dreadlocks Awkward Stage

Dreadlocks Awkward Stage


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Dreadlocks Awkward Stage

There s no more pain but this is when dreads are hard to style because no matter the length of your hair prior to being dreaded they will be significantly shorter and it will lead you to not knowing what exactly you should do with them. For the sake of time and attention span i will show you two looks that i have enjoyed doing.

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Timeline of my first year with dreads with pictures.

Dreadlocks awkward stage. The two and three strand twists are a beautiful style on their own so the awkward dreadlock stages are not as obvious as they are with other dreading methods. You re going to run into an interesting situation here with your sides kept short. Knot actually not a dread.

Meaning that when you first make your dreadlock it s just a baby and technically it s just a knot. This temporarily mitigates the awkward stage because things don t get really weird until you grow the sides out but eventually you have to face it. This stage comes several years later faulk makes a point of saying.

Sorry for the weird background noise at the beginning of the video thats one of my guinea pigs having. Styles for locs during the awkward stages. Ok ive been growing my hair out and its taken me so long and i just got through the awkward stage i part my hair now but theres always this peice of anoying hair almost like a side fringe so i cut it of thinking it wouldnt look that bad but it left these hairs spiking up.

Once your locs are firmly in place you re officially in the rooted or adult stage. Stage two is the awkward stage. They feel heavier and at the same time more slender.

Once the dread becomes mature you don t need to cut off the ends. This method causes the dreads to mature in a smooth pattern leaving you with even adult locs in the long run. I was always thinking about getting dreds and now i think i should becoz i stuffed up my hair pretty good but.

If you re like me your dreads are in the in between stage of growth it is neither long or short. Just like a child going into the teen years things are weird until they hit that right age. If you had the same length all the way around you d be full in the awkward stage by now almost through it even.

Even though it can be awkward we have a lot of dreadlocks hairstyles we can consider. Stages of a dreadlock. In the final stage your locs will hang differently.

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